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Bluetooth Marketing Examples

Bluevibe comes with a range of features that make Bluevibe stand out from the competition in Proximity Marketing, allowing you to interact in real-time with your customers on their most personal device, their mobile phone.

That's why Bluevibe has a wide range of applications, depending on the target deployment scenario.

For some ideas in how your business can benefit from Bluevibe, have a look at the below usage examples:


Cafe / Cinemas


  • Daily Menu on the mobile phone.
  • Surf the Web, while waiting for your lunch/dinner
  • Restaurant visitor comments, reviews, menu ratings, photos
  • Contests / Quizzes
  • Ratings and Feedback Questionnaires
  • Mobile games as complimentary prizes (e.g. for Kid-Menu)
  • Chat / Dating service
  • View showing times / film trailers / film reviews from mall cinema
  • Bluetooth Marketing campaigns for in-store promotions, using m-coupons or multimedia content

Stadiums / Sports Venues


  • Contests during the game
  • LIVE Replays delivered directly on the audience mobile phones
  • Team multimedia content (e.g. team ringtones, photos, wallpapers, etc)
  • Most Valuable Player (MVP) Vote
  • m-coupon promotions from third parties
  • Access to sport news or sport poduct websites.

Airports / Travel Stations

Travel Stations

  • Tourist information
  • Live Departure / Arrival timetable.
  • Hotels or car rentals promotions through Bluetooth Marketing
  • Store advertisements, offers to travelers via m-coupons
  • Airport map with gates, stores, etc.




  • Hotel Map
  • Hotel price lists, event schedules and service lists
  • Room Service order through a mobile phone application
  • Web Access via Bluetooth to services such as Facebook, MSN, etc.
  • Stock exchange information
  • Third-party bluetooth advertising promotions (e.g. car rentals, excursions, etc.)

Public Areas


  • Free Web Access via Bluetooth for citizens
  • City maps
  • Public transport information
  • Traffic information
  • Tourist attraction information
  • Retail Store advertisements
  • Access to bulletin board service, for leaving notes.
  • Chat / Dating services

Retail / Malls

Retail Stores

  • Catalog information
  • m-coupons & offers
  • Store Locator for Malls
  • Map / Floor Plan
  • Polls / Questionnaires/ Quizzes
  • Track Customer Movement Patterns
  • Statistics (e.g. customer visits per store/mall area)
  • Proximity marketing campaigns for products utilizing e-coupons, mobile games, contents and media content (images, video, sound).