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Tuesday, 22 June 2010 00:00
Irish Special Olympics Use Mobile Guides

Athens, GREECE - 22 Jun. 2010, The Irish Special Olympics recently became the first Special Olympics event to utilize mobile marketing in order to enhance the visitors' experience of the games. Using the Bluetooth technology, the organizers sent mobile guides to visitors' mobile phones which provided information of all the games schedules and venues along with local attractions and information about the area.

Bluezone Media Ltd., the local Bluevibe reseller, developed the mobile application that works in a similar fashion to a mini website, and contained some twenty five pages of information about the fixtures and venues in Limerick.

The mini website was sent to Bluetooth-enabled phones as the visitors to the games arrived into the venues. Visitors are prompted to turn on their Bluetooth as they arrive into the venues by the use of signage and the volunteers made the visitors aware too that there was information ready to be sent to them.

"The use of Bluetooth to transmit this sort of data makes it extremely portable for visitors. There's no need to hold onto booklets as all the information that's needed is contained within the mini website the visitor has just downloaded" said Kevin O'Connor of BlueZone Media. "It's a new marketing tool and another way for the Irish Special Olympics to help get information to the visitors, and with less paper printed to deliver the same message makes this method much more environmentally friendly" O'Connor added.

Over five hundred visitors to the Special Olympics received the mini website to their mobile phone throughout the duration of the games making this one of the most successful marketing push campaigns for BlueZone Media in recent months. The Irish Special Olympics attracted over 1.900 athletes from all over Ireland in one of the most successful Irish Special Olympics to date.

In the spirit of the Special Olympics, BlueZone Media and Bluevibe both offered their services free of charge to the organizers of the event.

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About BlueZone Media
Established in June 2008, BlueZone Media utilises Bluevibe to provide businesses around Ireland with location-based bluetooth proximity marketing solutions.  Bluevibe's unique technology offers flexibility and innovativeness to campaigns and an opportunity to deliver marketing messages directly on to customers mobile phones and computers on the premises.
BlueZone Media is an official Bluevibe reseller for Ireland, where it has numerous Bluevibe hotspot installations, delivering clients' messages to thousands of people.

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