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Thursday, 27 October 2011 13:25
Bluevibe Rolls Out Campaign Planner and WiFi Usage Charts

Heraklion, Greece, October 27, 2011 - Cytech Ltd. announces the addition of improved campaign management features to its Bluetooth & WiFi Proximity Marketing solution, Bluevibe. The latest version of the Bluevibe Manager, the online management tool used to manage your campaigns across the world, now provides a completely reworked Campaign Planner, advanced scheduling options for your content distribution, as well as improved WiFi usage statistics.

Campaign Planner

Organizing your campaign content distribution has never been simpler. We got rid of excessive input boxes, checkboxes, etc and replaced them with a Calendar style planner, where you can easily view and edit the dates & times when your advertisement will be sent out by our Hotspots.

In addition, we’ve extended the scheduling options you have available, meaning you can now ask us to “Send this ad, on weekdays, 14:00 – 15:00”, “Send that ad every Saturday from 08:00-22:00” and “Send these ads every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, all day”. Just put the different ads for he different days down in our calendar, and we’ll take care of the rest.

WiFi Usage Statistics

Bluevibe Manager now provides you with a new statistics category, where you can track the WiFi usage of your hotspots, and collect information (anonymously, of course) for the different websites your users have visited. This allows you to track things like which sections of your local portal are more visited and which websites have the most traffic so that you can start building typical user profiles for the people near your Bluevibe Hotspots (e.g. people mostly browse Facebook while sitting idly in my café), as well as the device types your users own.

The information includes Hits per page, Operating System, Device Type and for Hits per Hotspot, so that you can identify which Hotspots gather the largest crowds, so you can readjust your campaigns and move Hotspots with low traffic to other more crowded areas.

Running a Bluetooth Marketing Campaign has never been this simple! Contact us to get started!


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