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Tuesday, 05 April 2011 13:36
Bluevibe Now Available As Software License

Heraklion, Greece, April 5, 2011- Proximity Marketing system manufacturers Cytech Ltd., have just announced the release of a Bluetooth Marketing Software-Only Solution, adding to the Bluevibe product family.

The Bluevibe Software is a software-only product that can be installed on any hardware, laptop, netbook, desktop or mini-PC. It combines all the powerful features of the company’s Bluevibe Hotspot range of Bluetooth Marketing products with the ability to run on different hardware form factors and already existing Bluetooth marketing hardware (required specs).

Bluevibe software is ideal for the proximity marketing professionals who either already own a number of hardware from other vendors, or intend to install a large network of Bluevibe Hotspots.

You can download Bluevibe Software in any of the different installation media supported (CD/DVD, USB, Live CD or Live USB). The installation process is fast and simple – watch the video here.

Mr. Antoniadis, CEO of Cytech Ltd. commented on this new release: “We have a number of customers and resellers who needed this software-only solution of our system, in order to install it on existing hardware from competitors' systems they weren't 100% happy with. We can thus provide them with a much more cost-effective solution, making the switch to our system much smoother and attractive to the customer. Additionally, it allows our resellers across the world, (U.S., Canada, Ireland, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Malaysia), to dramatically cut down on shipping costs, again making our solution much more attractive to them.”

About Cytech Ltd.

Cytech Ltd. is a mobile applications and solutions provider that applies innovative technology to solve today's business challenges and create opportunities. The company provides clients with mobile expertise to assist in developing specific objectives and achieving them.

It is a one-stop mobile marketing powerhouse, with complete solutions for bluetooth / proximity marketing, SMS marketing campaigns, bulk SMS, or any other type of event marketing.