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Thursday, 08 October 2009 15:22

Bluevibe 2.1 Released

Bluevibe announces the release of the new version of the Bluevibe Proximity Marketing System.

Bluevibe 2.1 brings new exciting features to be the most complete proximity services and marketing platform in the world.

Deliver anything, from multimedia files to full blown websites via Bluetooth or WiFi.

All the new features of the Bluevibe Hotspot including the build-in WiFi support are offered at the same low price of the previous version.

WiFi support
  • Support the widest range of devices.Your campaigns can now target WiFi-enabled devices such as iPhone, Blackberry and netbooks
  • Bluevibe hotspots can operate as Internet access point.
  • Only one device for all communication needs. You do not need a separate wifi router.

Captive Portal
  • Direct your users to the content you want them to see. This can be anything from multimedia content stored in the Bluevibe Hotspot, to a remote website.
  • Bluetooth and Wifi Users can enjoy the same content.
  • A local website stored in the hotspot can be available when there is no Internet connection

Build your own Bluevibe Mobile
  • Bluevibe Mobile, the first and only Bluetooth web browser in the world just got better.
  • Add new widgets. Allow your users access to more websites, offer new services.
  • Alter the appearance of Bluevibe Mobile. Change the theme, add your logos and colors.