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Tuesday, 24 March 2009 11:40
Athens International Airport

The Athens International Airport has deployed a pilot Bluevibe installation, offering new bluetooth marketing and mobile services to airport visitors and travelers.

homeThe services are provided through a special version of the Bluevibe Mobile application, named “AIA Browser”, which uses Bluetooth or WiFi to retrieve its live data. The pilot installation includes a number of Bluevibe Hotspots located in key areas inside the terminal building.

The services that are being planned for public release in the next few months include: flightinfo

  • Real-time flight information:The passengers enter their flight number on the application to retrieve the latest flight status information, meaning passengers no longer need to go looking for monitors. All they need is right on their mobile!


  • AIA regulations and safety information: All important airport regulations and safety information is available through the mobile application.


  • RetailStores: A list of all the retail stores in the airport building, along with descriptions and special offers. The best way for passengers to spend time while waiting to board!

  • Alerts: In cases of emergencies, special alert messages can be displayed on the AIA Browser informing each passenger individually. Better information channels result to better passenger experience.

All the content (retail, alerts, regulations) is controlled on-line, in real-time by the airport personnel using the Bluevibe Manager and specially designed CMS tools. The AIA Browser automatically updates its information when it is in the proximity of a Bluevibe Hotspot and also stores the information on the phone for off-line browsing.language

The pilot AIA Browser is available in two languages, Greek and English. The system is operational since May 2008 on a closed testing phase. This month the installation entered the final two months of the testing period. Over the past 10 months, over half a million unique mobile devices were discovered by the Bluevibe hotspots in the airport, even though the system is still in closed testing and the visitors were not informed in any way to switch bluetooth to discoverable on their mobile device!

The Athens International Airport will thus become the first airport in the world to offer truly interactive mobile services, through a mobile application, to its travelers and visitors!