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Monday, 11 January 2010 14:13

Bluevibe v2.1.3 released

Today Bluevibe announced the 2.1.3 version of the most advanced mobile services platform, featuring the new “Application Creator” tool and the brand new Bluevibe Mobile and Bluevibe ODP.

After the introduction of WiFi and captive portal functionality in version 2.1, many of our customers requested features and additions to the Bluevibe Manager and Bluevibe Mobile, that would complement and help them leverage the new capabilities of the platform.

This release comes as a reply to these requests introducing a wide range of additions and new features. Below you will find a list of the most important improvements that have been keeping our development team busy the previous months.

Bluevibe Mobile v2.4

Bluevibe Mobile 2.3

Around the world our customers use Bluevibe Mobile to offer unique interactive services to mobile phone users. This new release comes with many eye candy improvements as well as a lot of performance boost and better compatibility with the ever growing number of J2ME phones out there. Here are some of the main features of this version:
  • Theme file auto-save. Bluevibe Mobile now saves the theme file of the last hotspot. That way a user can keep the provider and hotspot specific services on his/her phone even after leaving the proximity of the hotspot. Additionally the auto-save function improves browsing performance.

  • Improved browser speed. Using smart caching techniques the Bluevibe Mobile reduces the amount of requests needed to load a page, while keeping memory usage low.

  • Media Handling. Bluevibe Mobile is now capable of displaying media files, this improves the overall browsing experience.

  • Improved file save support. A user can choose to save a media file or an XHTML page directly to his/her phone from within the Bluevibe Mobile application. This function comes now as a complementary option for content download using OBEX Push from a Bluevibe Hotspot.

  • New theme options. The theme of the Bluevibe Mobile application now handles even more aspects of the UI look and feel.

  • Special commands. Bluevibe Mobile supports special commands in the xhtml that allows providers to create smart widgets in XHTML for their users.

Find out more and download for free the new Bluevibe Mobile application from here.

Application Creator Tool

A new tool is added to the Bluevibe tool box, available through the Bluevibe Manager. Using “Application Creator” you can easily build your own branded Bluevibe Mobile and Bluevibe “On Device Portal” applications for free!

Bluevibe Application Creator

No special programming knowledge is needed. You can now build your own application in just a few easy steps, following a web-based wizard. Supply your theme file and optionally a set of XHTML pages and the “Application Creator” will create for you the needed JAD and JAR files of your own branded Bluevibe Mobile or Bluevibe ODP application.

In Bluevibe we strongly believe in the open-source paradigm. We continue to offer our APIs, libraries and tools open, allowing the creation of custom services on top of the Bluevibe platform. This new tool is based on the same technology our team is using to build tailor made solutions for our customers around the globe. Naturally should you need any special functionality or integration the Bluevibe development team can offer you high quality custom solutions.

Find out more about the Bluevibe “Application Creator” here or contact us for a demo account.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009 12:48

New reseller in SE Asia and Hong Kong

blueberryzoneBluevibe is strengthening its market possition in Asia with the addition of a new Bluevibe Value Added Reseller (VAR) in in South East Asia and Hong Kong.

Blueberry Zone is the new official  Bluevibe VAR in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Especially for Hong Kong, Blueberry zone retains exclusive rights to the distirbution  of the  Bluevibe product line.


Friday, 23 October 2009 10:34

BlueZone Innovation Award 2010

Bluezone logo

BlueZone, a Bluevibe Value Added Reseller in Ireland was awarded the Fleet Bus & Coach 2010 Innovation Award on Tuesday 6th October 2010.

BlueZone with the service "BlueZone Onboard" offers free web and internet access using Bluetooth and the Bluevibe Mobile web browser.

Passengers can use their mobile phones to surf the web and their favorite web sites using Bluetooth while arriving to their destination. The BlueZone Onboard busses are equiped with Bluevibe Hotspots and connect to the Internet using high speed 3G connections.

Find out more in the BlueZone web site!

Thursday, 08 October 2009 15:22

Bluevibe 2.1 Released

Bluevibe announces the release of the new version of the Bluevibe Proximity Marketing System.

Bluevibe 2.1 brings new exciting features to be the most complete proximity services and marketing platform in the world.

Deliver anything, from multimedia files to full blown websites via Bluetooth or WiFi.

All the new features of the Bluevibe Hotspot including the build-in WiFi support are offered at the same low price of the previous version.

WiFi support
  • Support the widest range of devices.Your campaigns can now target WiFi-enabled devices such as iPhone, Blackberry and netbooks
  • Bluevibe hotspots can operate as Internet access point.
  • Only one device for all communication needs. You do not need a separate wifi router.

Captive Portal
  • Direct your users to the content you want them to see. This can be anything from multimedia content stored in the Bluevibe Hotspot, to a remote website.
  • Bluetooth and Wifi Users can enjoy the same content.
  • A local website stored in the hotspot can be available when there is no Internet connection

Build your own Bluevibe Mobile
  • Bluevibe Mobile, the first and only Bluetooth web browser in the world just got better.
  • Add new widgets. Allow your users access to more websites, offer new services.
  • Alter the appearance of Bluevibe Mobile. Change the theme, add your logos and colors.
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