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TGI Friday's Offers Internet via Bluetooth

TGI Friday's Offers Internet via Bluetooth


TGI Friday’s decides to supply free internet access to its customers, while they are on premises, so they can always stay connected to their social online networks, even when they are away from home. It chooses Bluevibe, through its official reseller in Ireland, BlueZone Media, due to its unique Internet via Bluetooth for mobile phones capabilities.


BlueZone Media installs Bluevibe Hotspots in the TGI Friday's premises, in the Dundrum Shopping Centre, in Dublin, allowing any customer with a bluetooth mobile phone to surf the web for free.

As bluetooth mobile phones are now nearly ubiquitous, the service allows more customers to enjoy the benefits of the BlueZone service than a standard WiFi enabled hotspot.

“Being able to browse the internet on the go is now as important as being able to make calls on the go as so much of our lives are led online.  We’ve had people chatting with friends over IM, updating their Facebook and even checking their CAO offers in TGI Friday’s.  The great advantage of the BlueZone device is that it allows the vast majority of our customers to enjoy a quick browse while they eat, without the need for a laptop.” said Liz Gale of TGI FRIDAYS

“Facebook revealed that they are now expecting their one millionth Irish member within three months and that the average user spends 30 minutes per day on the site.  As it and other social networking sites continue to grow in popularity so to will public demand to access them wherever they are,” said Bluezone Managing Director Kevin O’Connor.

Liz Gale adds: “This might bode badly for table manners but people are increasingly co-ordinating their lives on Facebook and Bebo so browsing them in a restaurant is as normal as taking a call at dinner.”

The unique technology provided by Bluevibe works by broadcasting broadband over a bluetooth network, created using a very small router, the Bluevibe Hotspot.  Mobiles with bluetooth turned on are prompted to download a custom web browser, especially developed for mobile phones.  The mobile browser functions similarly to those on PCs and enables users to view a selection of sites in a condensed form free of charge.


In the 6 months following the installation, more than 800 people used the system (unique devices reported), and visited close to 20.000 pages on the mobile internet, while on premises in the TGI Friday's restaurant.

The statistics from the service has shown that one in four diners in TGI Friday’s Dundrum are using it, with a large number checking Facebook and searching Google.