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Parallax Media Proximity Marketing Campaign

ObjectiveBluevibe @ Taxi Show

Parallax View Media, the company that organized the Taxi Show '07 exhibition needs a new way to communicate with the visitors, promote the sponsor (Shell) and offer information about the exhibition and the exhibitors.

The CampaignBluevibe Mobile @ Taxi Show

During the exhibition the Bluevibe platform was used to provide the communication medium between the organizer and the visitors. The visitors had the opportunity to download on their mobile devices, multimedia content of the sponsor of the Taxi Show, as well as a tailor made application (Branded Brochure) with information about the exhibition. The Bluevibe messages included wallpapers for the visitors' mobile phones, reminders and calendar events relevant to the exhibition and finally the exhibition information application (Branded Brochure). The brochure included information on all the kiosks of the Taxi Show as well as an interactive floor-plan for easier navigation in the area.

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During the three days of the Taxi Show there were about 4500 registered visitors. A total of 1867 bluetooth enabled devices where discovered by the installed Bluevibe Hotspots. From the discovered devices, 468 received at least one content item (25%). In total 738 content items where delivered successfully.