Gnet Mobile Marketing Campaign


Gnet, the leading Internet cafe franchise in Greece, participates in HELEXPO 2006 and DTE COMDEX 2006 and needs an innovative way to communicate with the visitors and offer them value-added services.

The Campaign

Throughout the duration of HELEXPO Gnet's kiosk was supported by the Bluevibe Platform offering the visitors multimedia content and interactive services through a Gnet-branded Bluevibe Mobile Application. This application was implemented for Gnet and gave the visitors the chance to read game news, check the video game championship results, and much more, all directly from their mobile phone. In addition, throughout the duration of the Event multimedia content, such as game trailers and wallpapers of well known games, was sent to the visitors' mobile phones.
GNet Tribe
For DTE COMDEX The Bluevibe team implemented a Gnet-branded mobile brochure that was sent through Bluevibe Hotspots to the visitors' mobile phones. This application presented the company's products and services, in an innovative and content-rich way, to the visitors using their mobile phones.
In both cases the visitors left the exhibition and had installed on their most personal device, their mobile phone, multimedia content with Gnet's logo as well as software with information about the the company and its activities.


Overall in both exhibitions 3310 bluetooth enabled devices where scanned and 1774 of them received content (53.33%). In the exhibition area there were banners, as well as speaker announcements, informing the visitors about the Bluevibe services offered on-site.