Cytech Bluetooth Advertising Campaign

Objective hi-tech Innovators' Partenariat

Cytech Ltd. along with Bluevibe Inc. participate in Hi-Tech innovators Partenariat 2007, a conference for high-tech companies. They require a way to communicate their presence to the other participating companies, as well as, to inform them about their services and products.

The Campaign

HEPOThroughout the duration of the conference Cytech/Bluebird kiosk was supported by the Bluevibe Platform. The visitors had the chance to experience the platform, receiving Bluetooth messages from the Bluevibe Hotspots. The messages included an animated invitation to the kiosk,calendar reminder about the exhibition, vcards with contact info of the company as well as, a Bluevibe mobile brochure. The mobile brochure is an application for mobile phones that informs the visitors about the company's products and services in an innovative, content-rich, way.

Bluevibe Brochure



Approximately 400 people were present in the area. Overall, 116 bluetooth enabled mobile devices were scanned and 26 of them received content (22%). There were no banners, or announcements, informing the visitors to receive content.