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AEK Bluetooth Marketing Campaign

ObjectiveAEK Athens Basketball Club

AEK one of the most successful basketball teams in Greece in cooperation with Parallax View Media, wants to try Bluevibe in a small campaign in the VIP lounge of the OAKA Stadium. The marketing department of the team wants to know how the VIPs accept such a campaign.

The CampaignAEK Athens Basketball Club

During the basketball game between AEK and Olympiacos, which is one of the biggest basketball events of the year, AEK sent videos, mp3s and images of the team. The Bluevibe team has installed three Standalone Bluevibe hotspots to cover all the VIP lounge and has designed the campaign. The mobile content included two different video clips concerning the history of the team, one mp3 sound clip with the AEK hymn and two different wallpapers for the visitors' mobile phones. One calendar event and a electronic business card has been used for alternative content.


parallax media



During the game 27% of the users with bluetooth enabled devices received at least one content item.