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Case Studies

Case Studies from past mobile marketing campaigns, where Bluevibe was used successfully, creating unique and memorable marketing events.

TGI Friday's Offers Internet via Bluetooth


TGI Friday’s decides to supply free internet access to its customers, while they are on premises, so they can always stay connected to their social online networks, even when they are away from home. It chooses Bluevibe, through its official reseller in Ireland, BlueZone Media, due to its unique Internet via Bluetooth for mobile phones capabilities.


Johnnie Walker Proximity Marketing Campaign



Johnnie Walker, the most popular Whiskey brand in Greece, wants to run a promotional campaign in Athens to alert citizens about the hazards of drink-driving, and promote drinking responsibly.


Nemesis Guitar School Mobile Marketing Campaign


Nemesis Guitar School

On April 6th 2008, the guitar academy of Mr. Kostas Paraskevas (“Nemesis Guitar School” in Kavala), organized a seminar-live show with the French guitarist CHRISTOPHE GODIN in bar “Nisi”. “Activemms”, the company that organized this event, wanted to provide the guests with the program of the event, and chose Bluevibe to provide it in electronic format.



AEK Bluetooth Marketing Campaign

ObjectiveAEK Athens Basketball Club

AEK one of the most successful basketball teams in Greece in cooperation with Parallax View Media, wants to try Bluevibe in a small campaign in the VIP lounge of the OAKA Stadium. The marketing department of the team wants to know how the VIPs accept such a campaign.


Parallax Media Proximity Marketing Campaign

ObjectiveBluevibe @ Taxi Show

Parallax View Media, the company that organized the Taxi Show '07 exhibition needs a new way to communicate with the visitors, promote the sponsor (Shell) and offer information about the exhibition and the exhibitors.


Cytech Bluetooth Advertising Campaign

Objective hi-tech Innovators' Partenariat

Cytech Ltd. along with Bluevibe Inc. participate in Hi-Tech innovators Partenariat 2007, a conference for high-tech companies. They require a way to communicate their presence to the other participating companies, as well as, to inform them about their services and products.


Gnet Mobile Marketing Campaign


Gnet, the leading Internet cafe franchise in Greece, participates in HELEXPO 2006 and DTE COMDEX 2006 and needs an innovative way to communicate with the visitors and offer them value-added services.