Bluevibe Software Installation

Bluevibe Software is easy to be installed, following the steps described below:


For the installation procedure you will need:

  • A CD or USB disk with Bluevibe Hotspot burned on it. You can download it from here.

  • At least one valid Bluevibe Software License that you can purchase from our online store.
  • A computer, that you will use as the Bluevibe Hotspot. Preferably a netbook or laptop, for better mobility. Desktop PC or mini-PC is OK as well.

  • A monitor, connected to the computer that you will install Bluevibe Hotspot on in case you don't use a laptop or netbook.

  • A keyboard, also connected to the computer that you will install Bluevibe Hotspot on in case you don't use a laptop or netbook.

  • An ethernet cable (UTP cable) in order to connect Bluevibe Hotspot to the Internet. Please note that your network should be DHCP enabled.

  • Two or more usb Bluetooth dongles. You can use any Bluetooth adapter but for guaranteed results you can always purchase one of the Bluevibe certified adapters.


Before you begin, watch a video describing the whole Bluevibe Software installation procedure.

Step 1:

Burn .iso image to a CD. If you don't know how follow this link: How to Burn an .iso image to a CD.

Step 2:

Make sure your BIOS has a CD Drive/USB disk (depending to the medium used) selected as first boot device. (Most BIOSs enter configuration menu by pressing the Delete button while the computer is starting, others use F2. Some netbooks/laptops may allow one time boot device selection by pressing F12 when they power up)


Step 3:

Once the boot menu is shown select “Install/Restore Bluevibe Hotspot


Step 4:

In case you have more than one hard disk drives in your computer you will be asked to select on which one Bluevibe Hotspot will be installed. In case only one exist this step will be skipped.

WARNING: Installing Bluevibe Hotspot will erase ALL data of the hard disk drive selected. Please BACKUP your data prior to installation.

Step 5:

Later you will be asked if you want to erase all data from your hard disk. In order for Bluevibe Hotspot to be installed the hard disk that will be used must be erased. After erasing data, Bluevibe Hotspot will be installed to the hard disk and a verification of the disk will follow. The procedure might take a few minutes to complete.


After step four the system will be started for the first time, so it might take a bit longer than normal.

Step 6:

You can now remove the CD or the USB disk. You may also want to plug Bluetooth dongles on the computer, so that Hotspot will be ready to use just after activation finishes.

During first startup you will be asked to enter your username and password. You should have received these credentials to your email after your registration.



You will be able to see the username you type, but while you type the password you will not be able to see the any of the characters typed.

For the registration to succeed, you must

  • have the hotspot connected to the internet

  • have a license key available, if you need more license keys please contact out sales team.

In case registration fails more than 3 times, hotspot will reboot, and registration will be asked again.

There are two possible error codes:

  • Error 000 means that connection could not be established with the server. Please make sure you have Bluevibe Hotspot connected to the internet.

  • Error 400 means that the procedure failed, please make sure you have available licenses and that you typed  the correct username and password.

Step 7:

You can now remove the monitor and the keyboard.

After a few seconds the hotspot will be ready to use. You can now start configuring your new campaign using Bluevibe Manager.