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How to Burn an .iso image to a CD/DVD

Microsoft Windows 7 users:

  • Right-click on an ISO image and choose “Burn disc image”

  • Select a disk drive that can burn CDs (CD-R) and press “Burn”.


Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista users:

  • Download and install Infra Recorder (http://infrarecorder.org/)

  • Open Infra Recorder and select from the menu on top: “Actions”->”Burn Image...”


  • Select the file you have downloaded and click “Open”.

  • In the dialog, click “OK”.

MacOS users:

  • Run Disk Utility

  • Click on Burn icon

  • Select the .iso file you just downloaded.

  • Insert a blank CD/DVD in the DVD Recorder

  • Click Burn button

Linux users (teminal):

  • To identify CD ROM devices type:
wodim –devices (wodim was formely known as cdrecord)


  • Replace /dev/scd0 of the picture above with your CD recorder and type:
wodim dev=/dev/scd0 -v -data downloaded_file.iso

How to Burn a .raw image to a USB

Microsoft Windows users:

  • Download and install ImageWriter

  • Plug the USB drive in one of computer's USB ports

  • Open ImageWriter and select the USB disk from the list at the bottom


  • Click on the “Select” button and select the file you have downloaded then press “Copy”

  • If you can't see the file, enter “*.*” in the “File name” field and press “Open” to see all files, then select the file and press “Open” again



Linux users (terminal) – USB:

  • Plug the USB drive in one of computer's USB ports
  • To identify USB disk's device name type:
ls -l /dev/disk/by-id/*usb*


  • From the example image above, sdb is the USB disk, located under /dev/sdb
  • To unmount the device (must be root), type:

umount /dev/sdb 

  • to write the USB disk (must be root), type:
dd if=/path/to/file/downloaded of=/dev/sdb 
WARNING: Make sure you replace “sdb” of the example above with the appropriate drive. dd will erase all data of the device selected!