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Bluevibe Software | Bluevibe Software - Bluevibe Proximity Marketing System, Bluetooth Marketing Software

Bluevibe Software is the new member of the Bluevibe product family. It brings with it all the Bluevibe Hotspot features, as well as the ability to run on a wide range of hardware.


  • Choose the appropriate installation medium and download the image, bv-cd-usb
  • Install it on your compatible hardware,
  • To activate the software you simply need to buy online the software licences, to get all the unique features of the Bluevibe platform in no time.


Choose an Installation Medium

Please note Bluevibe Software is a full Operating System, and as such the installation procedure will replace the existing operating system on the target hardware.

  • USB: a USB stick capable to install Bluevibe Hotspot on your hardware.
  • CD: a bootable CD. Boot from it and follow the instructions to install Bluevibe on your hardware.
  • Bluevibe Live: a portable CD or USB stick that can boot any PC you own and run Bluevibe without erasing your hard disk.

Read the installation instruction to guide you through the process of downloading and installing the software.


Bluevibe Software is part of the Bluevibe platform offering all Bluevibe's advantages. It is:
  • versatile: Push content through Bluetooth, serve local websites from WiFi, work as Internet access point, act as Captive portal, offer interactive services, operate even with no Internet connection.
  • fast: supports 21 simultaneous Bluetooth connections to mobile devices (upgradeable to 42),
  • easy: zero configuration, is truly plug-and-play: all you have to do is connect the power supply,

  • range: of up to 80 meters, (this depends on the capabilities of mobile phones),

Bluevibe Software | Bluevibe Software - Bluevibe Proximity Marketing System, Bluetooth Marketing Software

For pricing information for the Bluevibe Hotspot check our pricing policy, or visit our Online Store to buy a Bluevibe Software lisence now.

Bluevibe Hotspots as well as Installable Hotspots are controlled from the Bluevibe Manager, a web-based monitoring and administration application (no software installation required) that:Bluevibe Manager - Web-based administration tool for Bluevibe
  • allows you access to your Bluevibe Hotspots from anywhere in the world,

  • allows you to create and manage content push proximity marketing campaigns, in real time,

  • view campaign statistics, in real time,

  • offers a range of tools for everyday bluetooth marketing campaign management.

You can view photos of the Bluevibe Hotspots and screenshots of the Bluevibe Manager at the Bluevibe Gallery.