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The Bluevibe Mobile Application is the world's first Bluetooth-based mobile web browser, giving your customers free access to web services on their mobile phones.

The Bluevibe Mobile Application works via Bluetooth in the proximity of Bluevibe Hotspots (i.e. within Bluevibe zones). It also works everywhere else, using GPRS/3G or even WiFi (all depending on availability), to provide access to the same services.

In addition, you can also use our Internet via Bluetooth Software, [email protected], a Windows application that only contains the Bluetooth Internet functionality of the Bluevibe Hotspot, in order to connect your mobile phone using Bluevibe Mobile to the Internet via Bluetooth.


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Popular Web Services

These are just some of the web services you can have access to, using the Bluevibe Mobile Application:

  • Facebook
  • Local Weather
  • Instant Messenger (MSN, GoogleTalk, Facebook)
  • Livescores
  • Flickr
  • Wikipedia
  • <Your own here>

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