The Bluevibe Mobile Application offers you a range of features that make Bluevibe stand out from the competition in Proximity Marketing:Bluevibe Mobile Application
  • is an application for mobile phones that uses Bluetooth to provide interactive services,
  • runs on Java-enabled phones,
  • allows you to interact in real-time with your customers on their most personal device, their mobile phone.

Why Bluevibe Stands Out From the Competition:

Bluevibe is the next step in bluetooth marketing, and goes beyond traditional bluetooth advertising techniques. Here's why:
  • xHTML Support: The Bluevibe Mobile Application is capable of handling and displaying xHTML websites, allowing your customers to surf the mobile web for free! (via bluetooth) (Bluevibe Hotspot or [email protected] required).

  • Universal: The Bluevibe Mobile Application is a Java application for mobile phones, meaning it will run on all Java enabled mobile phones. For Bluetooth connectivity the only requirement is the Mobile Java Bluetooth profile, available on most phones with Bluetooth.

    The Bluevibe Mobile Application works on most of the mobile phones in the market today!Facebook

  • Extensibility: The Bluevibe Mobile Application by defaults offers a standard, but extensible, range of web services. We can, of course, develop new web services for you, but the best part is that so can you!

    You can develop your own web services, and give your customers free access to such services on their mobile phones, using Bluevibe.

  • Did we mention FREE? Though the Bluevibe Mobile Application also allows you to connect to your web services via GPRS/3G, to ensure off-premise accessibility for your customers, our strong point is that access to all web services is free for the customers, when they use Bluetooth to connect.

  • Refreshing look: Just take a look for yourself over at the Demos section for a few screenshots, or a live online demo to see why we think your customers will truly enjoy using the Bluevibe Mobile Application.

  • Downloads: Rather than just sending multimedia files to your customers, give them the opportunity to select which content they wish to download on their mobile phones.


  • Customizable / Branding: The Bluevibe Mobile Application is fully customizable, as it has been developed to support multiple themes. As a Bluevibe FlickrService Provider you can create your own unique theme and have it dynamically applied to all the Bluevibe Mobile Applications using your Bluevibe Hotspots.


    This means that if a customer with an already-installed (from another location) non-branded Bluevibe Mobile Application comes into your Bluevibe Zone, it will automatically retrieve and display your theme! (You can also order a version of the Bluevibe Mobile Application that never changes theme, so that only your brand name will ever appear on it.)

Bluevibe also provides a complete range of the traditional bluetooth advertising solutions, for one-way, content-push services, where you can send multimedia content to your customers, using the Bluevibe Hotspots .