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Bluevibe is a Proximity Marketing System that comprises of the following parts:

  • Bluevibe Software


    Bluevibe Software comes in different installation media that you can download and write on a USB stick or a CD/DVD disk in order to transform you computer to a Bluevibe Hotspot.

    Bluevibe Software is a product that can be installed at a PC and operates like a Bluevibe Hotspot. It is actually all you need to run Bluevibe Hotspot at your own harware.

    There are a number of different editions to select.

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  • Bluevibe Hotspot Bluevibe Hotspot Package

    The Bluevibe WiFi and Bluetooth system is based on Bluevibe Hotspots: mini-PCs that communicate with mobile phones to deliver multimedia files and serve websites.

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  • Bluevibe Mobile Bluevibe Mobile Main Page

    Bluevibe also provides a free mobile application that the public can download to their phones to interact with the Bluevibe Proximity Marketing System.

    The Bluevibe mobile application is the world's first Bluetooth-based mobile web browser, providing free access to web services on mobile phones.

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  • [email protected] bluevibeathome_logo

    Bluevibe offers a Windows application you can use on your PC to connect to the Internet via Bluetooth, free from your mobile phone!

    [email protected], our internet connection sharing via Bluetooth Windows software, will soon be available from our online store.

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