Hotspot Features

Dual Mode Operation

Bluevibe Hotspots operate in one of two modes:Bluevibe

  • standalone mode: for deployments where no Internet connection is available; still supports content-push and interactive services that do not require live information.

  • online mode: using an Internet connection, for remote administration and monitoring, and live services (such as Internet services or browsing the web).

Bluevibe Hotspots have the ability to identify the absence of an Internet connection, and can automatically switch to standalone mode, where they will continue to serve your bluetooth advertising campaigns.

Your statistics still get synched with Bluevibe Manager every time the Hotspot goes online, combined with statistics from all your other Hotspots. (You can, of course, also disable standalone mode in a Hotspot, from the Bluevibe Manager.)

Plug & Play

  • Bluevibe Hotspots only need a power socket to work!
An Internet connection is only necessary if you want to provide your customers live services like access to Facebook, MSN, Wikipedia, through the unique Web Access via Bluetooth capabilities of Bluevibe Mobile Application, or want real-time remote management of your Hotspots.

Remote management and monitoring

Bluevibe Manager
  • Bluevibe Hotspots are ideal in proximity marketing scenarios where real time monitoring and administration of the Hotspots is crucial.
  • Full campaign configuration capabilities, through the Bluevibe Manager, automatically and securely transmitted to all your Hotspots.
  • Live real-time statistics on your desktop computer.
  • Optimized for GPRS/3G Internet connections with minimum data transfer cost, for bluetooth advertising scenarios with limited / traffic-based / costly data plans.

This allows you to manage different deployments across different areas, without ever having to leave your office!

Check out screenshots of the Bluevibe Manager in the Bluevibe Gallery.

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