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Monday, 14 January 2008 22:10
Standalone Bluevibe Hotspot

There is a new member in the Bluevibe products family. This time Bluevibe takes proximity marketing on the road.

The new Standalone Hotspot is able to run full content-push campaigns without the need for network access.

  • The powerful Bluevibe engine under the hood.Standalone Hotspot
  • No setup¬† required. Just plug the power cord and you are ready to go.
  • Reduce the cost of your campaigns. No additional fees for service hosting.
  • Use the Bluevibe Manager to configure your standalone hotspots the same way you configure your networked hotspots.
  • View campaign statistics from the Hotspots or using the Bluevibe Manager
  • Run autonomous campaigns, or joint campaigns with networked Hotspots as well.
  • Interactive Bluevibe Browser Services can be provided from Standalone Hotspots as well.
  • Ideal for outdoor advertisement. Support your field events with bluetooth marketing without having to worry about internet access.

Each standalone Hotspot comes with 4 months of free support. Additional support plans are available as optional packages. Check the comparison table of the Standalone and the Networked Hotspot features here.