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Monday, 05 May 2008 16:54
New Bluevibe Hotspots

Today the Bluevibe team officially announced the new version of the Hotspot hardware. The new hardware is used for both networked and standalone versions of the Bluevibe Hotspots.

The new boxes feature:
  • 1Ghz C7 CPUNew Hotspot
  • 512MB DDR Ram
  • 2GB storage space (flash memory)
  • Low power requirements make them ideal for PoE installations
  • Fan-less operation
  • Support for 3 to 6 Bluetooth antennas
  • Proven durability under hard operating conditions over months of field testing.
  • 100% compatibility with the old hardware, all custom services developed for the old model will run seamlessly on the new.
The new boxes feature a sleek design and have similar form-factor and weight with the old boxes, while being more versatile on their upgrade capabilities. The older versions of the Bluevibe hardware will continue to be 100% supported, but all new Hotspots will be shipped with the new boxes.