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Friday, 06 February 2009 16:02
Fire 2.1 released
The latest version (v2.1) of the Flexible Interface Rendering Engine for j2me applications is available as a package for download from sourceforge. Check out the new sample code and applications included in the v2.1 release.

Since v2.0 Fire has an xHTML module that allows the creation of mobile browsers and GUIs based on xHTML. Fire also comes with a set of utility classes for logging, internationalisation and more.

Change log since v2.0:

Many additions and bug fixes where made since v2.0. The main additions include better javadoc and more code samples.
  • New PageListener Interface. Can be set to receive loadPageCompleted events. Also displayPage is now called loadPageAsync
  • animationsEnabled flag in the FireScreen disables the build-in animations like scroll when needed by the developer (i.e when running on a low-end phone).
  • Alerts have been improved to be easier to use and customize.
  • Better scrolling and navigation inside panels. The scrolling logic of the Panel is dramatically improved, increasing the navigation speed and improving the end-user experience.
  • Improved xHTML component. Numerous bug fixes on the Browser now allow access to many more sites.
  • Improved i18n. Bug fixes on the HttpClient and other utility classes improve language support
  • Common layout. Now the Panel and the Container class have the same layout schematic
  • GridLayout now supports both vertical and horizontal navigation.
  • many more minor fixes