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Friday, 25 July 2008 17:51
Fire 2.0 alpha Released

The open source branch of the, Bluevibe supported, Fire-j2me project released today the 2.0alpha version.

ImageThe new version of the engine, which comes after many months of development is a (almost complete) rewrite of the old code. There are many changes in the core of the engine as well as in the available APIs. The changes focus both on improved performance and rendering capabilities as well as the incorporation of exciting new features like the brand new XHTML Browser components.


During the next release circle and until the final release of the Fire 2.0 engine, new features will be added to the Browser components as well as the GUI Components of the engine, resulting to the creation of a complete XHTML Browser using Fire.


In the alpha release you can use the provided test application to surf the web through the www.google.com/xhtml service. You can even login to the xhtml version of gmail!